Letters from Santa
Letters from Santa
Personalised letters
from santa From £8.95

Every letter from Santa Claus is individually addressed and comes with these festive extras:

  • FREE 'Nice Child' Certificate
  • Elf Yourself! Activity sheet
  • Christmas Eve door hanger
  • Cut out and keep
    Christmas decoration
  • Colouring in Christmas card
  • Colouring in 'Santa
    Stop Here! poster'

Post & Packing sent to you anywhere in the world included free of charge.

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Lapland Mailroom
Postal Dates

Santa will be popping his letters into the Lapland Mailroom from the 5th December, 2019. After this the Royal Mail takes over – and your friendly postman will make sure your letter from Santa arrives well in time for Christmas.

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Personalised Letters from Santa

Letters from Santa, there's nothing like the magic of a letter from Santa to light up every child's face this Christmas. A personal greeting from Santa as they open their presents will add even more joy and laughter to the happy day.

Together with his little helpers, Santa spends months getting ready for the busy holiday season. After all, he'll be visiting lots of girls and boys, all over the world, who have been really good all year. But he's still got plenty of time to send out, to each and every one, that very special personalised letter from Santa. It's the most enjoyable way to give every youngster an even happier and more memorable Christmas. And for yourself? Simply relax and enjoy the festivities.

Letter from Santa

So follow the links on this page to the items you'd like. Individually addressed, beautifully designed and presented, every letter from Santa has the look and feel of pure quality. And it'll sit perfectly with the cherished keepsakes by which you'll remember forever their earliest years.

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Order a personalised letter from Santa or a personalised letter from Father Christmas today to enjoy our magical offer of a FREE 'Nice Child' Certificate with all orders.

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Letters From Santa Deliver Christmas Joy

There can never be too much joy in the world at Christmas and this is an extremely special time of year for children. Even though the modern world ensures that youngsters experience a Christmas that is quite different from the one that youngsters of previous generations did, there are still ways to make the festive season special and memorable in a traditional manner. Letters from Santa deliver fantastic joy to the child and their family members, and you have the chance to prolong the magic and wonder of Christmas for a little while longer.

Letters from Santa

The very best children deserve the best letters from Santa, and this is where parents and guardians of these lucky children have their part to play as well. As you know, Santa looks out for every child in the world as he updates his naughty and nice list, but he needs a little help in ensuring that the information he shares in his letter is as accurate as possible.

Therefore, providing useful information about the recipient and what they love will create the most personalised letters from Santa. The smile on a child's face as they find out that Santa knows all about them, their friend and family members will be a Christmas gift in itself, and Lapland Mailroom aims to deliver the most authentic and special Christmas moments.

Personalised letters from Santa aren't just for the child that receives the letter

One of the most important things to remember about letters from Lapland is that they are not just for the child who receives the letter, they are for everyone close to them. Older family members will love to see the joy and happiness on the face of a loved one and by creating magical moments and memories, you ensure that the Christmas spirit lives on for future generations.

A classic letter to Santa helps children believe in the magic of Christmas for just a little bit longer, and it is likely to be a memory and moment they cherish for a long time. The best letters from Santa don't just detail what gifts a child can expect, they capture the love and warmth of a family, spreading joy from household to household.

In an era when many parents and guardians are concerned about the cost of Christmas and the festive season losing some of its sparkle and shine, letters from Santa provide an opportunity to stop the clocks and ensure that traditional Christmas moments remain part of today's festive period.

Personalised Letters from Santa

The simple act of receiving a letter is becoming a lost art to many people, and it is the overall experience surrounding letters from Santa that make this the perfect gift for youngsters and the young at heart.

Lapland Mailroom provides a personalised letter that your loved ones will want to read time and time again. Santa Claus will always be a special person for children, creating so many memories that last a lifetime. For the ideal festive gift that keeps on giving, make sure your child receives a personalised letter from Santa that helps them develop a love for Christmas that will never diminish.

With a range of personalisation options and the chance to create a magical moment in time, parents and guardians have an easy chance to ensure that Christmas remains a joyous and happy occasion for their loved ones.

In a time when many festive traditions are falling by the wayside, it is good to know that adults can still give the gift of Christmas magic, through personalised letters from Santa.

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