Letters from Santa

For your peace of mind

Each purchase made online will be treated securely. You will be pleased to learn that each purchase is made via the secure PayPal Services. Our website does not store any payment information, data is transmitted by PayPal only, who are regarded internationally as the leading payment provider.

Our server connections

Our website is hosted on a dedicated secure server. All personal information is encrypted at the time of input using the most up to date encoding solutions available.

You can be assured our demand for a secure environment means your information is protected to the highest degree. This security means that no information will be sold or disclosed to any third party companies. Your email details will remain stored on our server and only used to communicate our own messages.

What does this mean to you?

In simple terms, the data you share to us will remain stored and unreadable to the human eye, making it impossible for anyone to use the information for commercial gain.