Letters from Santa
How to Order

How To Order Your Child's Santa Letter

If you want to make Christmas magical for a loved one, a letter from Santa is the perfect gift. If you are worried about the amount of work you need to do to create a personalised letter from Santa to your child, don’t worry, as it is a very simple process.

At Lapland Mailroom, we want you to find the process to be straightforward, and this guide will take you through every step of how to order your child’s letter from Santa.

Once you have decided to Buy Now, you will be taken to the page where you fill in your detail that progresses the order and which ensures your loved one receives a personalised letter like no other.

Select the letter you wish to order

You will have a chance to confirm what letter you wish to order. This is helpful if you accidentally clicked on the wrong type of letter to order, or you just want a reminder of what your options are. At the time of review, there are four options for you to choose from in the Letter selection, these are:

You can look at the different letters on site, with all of them being unique in style and message. If you have more than one child in your family or you are looking to order different letters on a year- by-year basis, the range of options will ensure that every child receives a letter that is special just for them.

The delivery pack option

The order page will also provide you with a Yes or No option to add a delivery pack to your order. Saying yes to the delivery pack will increase the price of the package with the extra amount being stated by the delivery pack.

There is no obligation to add the delivery pack, but you may find that it helps to create even more magical memories for our child if they receive an early gift from Santa Claus.

Santa Claus or Father Christmas?

If you refer to Father Christmas as opposed to Santa Claus in your household, you can have your letter tailored in this manner.

The details that matter

Next up is likely to be the most important aspect of the letter as this is where you write in your:

You then select if the recipient is a Boy or a Girl in the drop-down section.

You should then enter the town or city where your child will be on Christmas Eve. If you are away from home for Christmas, you can tailor the letter to refer to this fact, making it an even more special for your child.

Any other information?

There is also a section where you can really personalise the letter for your child. If your child has any achievements in the past year that you want Santa to talk about or there is something special in your child’s life that you want to commemorate, this is the section where you can add a personalised touch.

You have 255 characters in this section, so there should be sufficient opportunity to create a letter that speaks from the heart and could only be about the recipient.

Make sure the address details are correct

As you would expect, you need to ensure that the address details are correct, and this section requests you provide the following information:

You should also provide your details. These details will not be included in the letter, they will only be used to keep you informed of the progress of the order. In this section you should include:

Any customer who has a voucher code for their order should enter it here.

Once you have provided all relevant information, you have a chance to view the finished letter. This is very important. It is vital that you review the letter and ensure that all the details are correct and that you are happy with the letter. It will not be possible to change the letter after this point, so take the time to review the letter before finalising your order.