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We're now heading into a time of year that leaves many of the Jewish faith with a quandary to solve. The Christmas season brings many challenges and leaves many feeling that they are in a difficult position. It is a difficult enough time of year for an adult but when you have children looking to indulge in the Christmas spirit, you may face a few difficult moments.

The media bombards us with Christmas images

There is no escaping Christmas. As soon as businesses believe they have made enough money out of Halloween, it is time for Christmas adverts and promotions. This means that even if you don't celebrate Christmas in your household, your children will be exposed to the trappings of the season.

You could choose to completely ignore Christmas, and that would be fine. There are more than enough holidays and celebrations to consider but given the intensity of Christmas promotion and media activity, it is perhaps better to take control of the situation. It is inevitable that your children will develop an interest in the season, particularly when they hear about the gifts, special events and activities that friends have lined up.

It is natural that children will become excited by Christmas

If children see their friends become excited about Christmas and what it entails for them, your own children will too. This is human nature, especially for children. The thought of presents, parties and celebrations will turn many a youngster's heads, so don't be surprised if your child has questions for you about the festivities or enquire what you are going to do for Christmas.

If you want your child or children to develop a well-rounded representation of the world, be active and involved. You will find that discussing Christmas allows you to provide a different viewpoint from the one that is being shown on TV and in shops. If that idea of Christmas isn't something that you agree with or you would prefer to develop a different understanding of Christmas in your household, it is your responsibility to change the narrative.

Has Christmas lost its true meaning?

And for many people of all faiths, Christmas isn't really a religious event anymore. The commercial nature of this time of year has become all-encompassing and many Christians believe that the season has lost its true meaning. Even if you don't believe in the season or the celebrations yourself, the fact that a faith-based event has become so commercialised is something that saddens many people.

This is sad for many reasons, but you'll find that this provides people with the opportunity to pick and choose some of the festive elements and create their own meaning and traditions at this time of year. The Christmas period can be a fantastic time to spend time with our family and loved ones, catching up and relaxing without having the everyday problems of life to contend with. It will always be important to create time for you and your loved ones, and sometimes Christmas is the ideal reason to gather your loved ones around you.

Every faith can find something they like or love about Christmas

Even if all you enjoy about this time of year is the chance to eat more food, see the people you love and watch a lot of television programmes, it can't be that bad a time of year!

In fact, there is an opportunity to create happy memories while ensuring that thought is given to others.

For children, the notion of Santa and receiving gifts is a fantastic thing, leaving many children unable to get to sleep with excitement. However, there is a deeper meaning behind the work of Santa. You may scoff at the ability of one man being able to travel the world in one night, dropping off gifts at every home, but there is a lot to be said about the promotion of being good.

The difference between being naughty and being nice is very important

Throughout history, Santa Claus or whatever derivation of Santa Claus has been prominent through the years, there has always been a focus on the difference between being good and bad. It may be termed as "who's being naughty and who's being nice", but this helps children understand the concept.

Many parents over the years from all families and faiths have uttered Santa Claus' name and threatened that there will be no gifts if the behaviour doesn't improve! This is the sort of threat that children understand and respond to, so you can't argue with the results. However, if your children aren't aware of Santa, or you want to ensure that the importance of good behaviour is reinforced for your children, there are ways that you can create a genuine connection with this time of year.

Lapland Mailroom provides a range of letters from Santa, and with the chance to personalise the letter to your own requirements, you can create a letter that helps you spread the love in an appropriate way at this time of year. It isn't just a case of ensuring that your child isn't left out of the fun in December, this style of letter can make the holiday season more special for them without compromising any of your own thoughts on this time of year.

As is so often said at Christmas-time, this is a time of year that is for the kids, and you can allow your child to enjoy this time of year in a manner that you are comfortable with. A personalised letter from Santa can reinforce the importance of doing good and thinking for others while playing down the commercial aspect of the season.

In a world that is becoming unbearably commercialised, long-running traditions and the good intentions behind them can be maintained. No matter how much importance you and your loved ones' place on the Christmas season, you can make it a magical and memorable one for your children with a personalised letter from Santa from Lapland Mailroom.