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If you have been worried about the commercialisation of the festive season or whether Christmas is losing its magic, there is plenty you can do to ensure your kids have the best time. It is hard to get away from thoughts of Christmas due to stores and adverts bombarding people with promotion, but this doesn't mean that Christmas has to be any less special.

In fact, there is a chance for you to ensure that your child's Christmas is as special and as memorable as the ones you enjoyed. With Santa Letters from Lapland, you have a chance to connect with your kid in a way that is far removed from the adverts and the bright and glitzy glamour of modern Christmas.

Even a letter itself seems like a relic from an older generation or bygone era. In a world of emails and instant messaging, receiving a letter through the post is an event, as is taking the time to sit down and read the letter. The letter from Santa provides family members with a chance to sit down together and share a memory or moment.

In the present day, this doesn't come around too often, so knowing that you have a chance to stop the clocks and bring your loved ones together is always worth pursuing.

Santa Claus delivers magic every year

There is undoubtedly a bit of magic about Santa Claus. There may be logistical arguments made against the ability of Santa Claus to travel the world dropping off presents for every good girl and boy, but this is where the magic of Christmas comes to the fore.

It would be impossible for a normal man or woman to achieve what Santa Claus manages on this magical night, but Santa Claus is far from an ordinary man. After all, not only does he manage to get around the world in one night, he also knows every child in the world and he can instantly tell if they have been naughty or nice.

Retain the magic of the festive season

Whether you want to retain this magic and wonder of the festive season for another year or you feel as though there are some traditions that are worth keeping alive, you'll find that reinforcing the magic of Santa and his awareness of every child in the world is worth pursuing.

Therefore, a letter from Santa in the run-up to Christmas is worth considering. A personalised letter from Santa goes far beyond naming the child and the town or city they live in, it will contain some aspects of their life, their achievements and the key reasons why they have been good.

It is vital that parents tell their children how proud they are of them and how special they are, but these words can come so much easier from Santa. After all, Santa is watching from a distance and he must keep an eye on every boy and girl, so when a child does something good, it must be really good if Santa takes the time to mention it.

No matter your thoughts on Christmas and no matter whether you think your children have been naughty or nice of late, a letter from Santa is a traditional touch that reconnects you and your loved ones with a simpler Christmas.

Lapland Mailroom knows that there are many traditions at this time of year and each family or household will have something they like to do together. However, when it comes to bringing everyone together and creating a memory that will last a lifetime, a personalised letter from Santa will never be forgotten.